Our nearest common ancestors are the children of David and Rebecca Satterwhite.  This page is dedicated to our wonderful Satterwhite cousins who descend from David Mitchell and Ferbia (Baldwin) Satterwhite.  David is the son of David and Rebecca Satterwhite.

You will find albums for the descendants of some of the other children of David and Rebecca in the  Album Index.  Also visit the  Military  page to see our family who served in the military.   If you are related to the Spears family you will enjoy the  Spears Family Albums.

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Aaron Chester Cotton Aaron Chester & Audrey (Loveless) Cotton Family
Aaron Junior Thomas[1] [2] Alma Lucille, Henry Ward & Patsy Beene
Alma Norene, Henry Ward & James Worley Alma Norene (Satterwhite) & Henry Ward [1] [2]
Alma Norene (Satterwhite) & Henry Ward Family Alma Norene (Satterwhite) Ward [1] [2]
Alma Norene (Satterwhite) Ward & Edna (Satterwhite) Yoder Barbara Jeanette Cotton [1] [2]
Bernard Ewitt Cotton Bernard Ewitt Cotton & Dorothy Montine Cotton
Bernard Ewitt & Mary Ruth (Cook) Cotton [1] [2] Betty Jean Cotton [1] [2]
Betty Jean & Harold Keen Betty, Julie & Syble
Billie Dare Satterwhite [1] [2] Billy Jean Satterwhite
Carlus, Pauline & Jennie Charles Douglas "Doug" Satterwhite [1] [2] [3]
Chester Cotton & Curtis Lyborger Clara Fayrene Satterwhite
Clara and daughters Colleen, Toni, Stella & Patsy Satterwhite
David Mitchell Satterwhite David Mitchell Satterwhite & family
Doris & Bill Satterwhite Doris Lee Thomas
Doris Lee Thomas & Harold Dean Satterwhite Doris Mildred Satterwhite
Edna (Wilson) Ross Elmer & Harmon Wilson
Emmaleen (Satterwhite) & Justin Burge Essie Arizona (Satterwhite) Walter
Essie, Mag, Julie, Buncie & Pearl Estelle Satterwhite [1] [2]
Faber Harold Thomas Fairl Dee (Cotton) [1] [2]
Fairl Dee (Cotton) & Daily Outlaw Felix, Melva & Edna (Wilson) Ross
Felix & Edna (Wilson) Ross First Cousins
Gary and Gloria [1] [2] [3] Gary Satterwhite
Gary's Family Gloria's Family
Harmon Ed & Luvicy (Satterwhite) Wilson Harold, Chet, Sam, Mitchell & Chris
Harold Dean Satterwhite & James Corbin "J. C." Cotton Harold Dean Satterwhite [1] [2]
Harold Dean & Ida (Taylor) Satterwhite Harold Dean & Mitchell Satterwhite
Harold Dean & Patti Satterwhite Harrest Daniel Thomas
Helen LeAnna (Satterwhite) & Mary Frances Stokes Herman, Elton & Ira Walter Satterwhite
Herman Lee Satterwhite [1] [2] Herman L. & Antoinette "Toni" Satterwhite
Herman & Antoinette Satterwhite & Kathy Ida Ann and Mitchell Satterwhite
Ida Ann & grandaughter Wanda Joy Ida, Jennie, Mitchell, Mag & Myrtle
Ida Mae (Taylor) Satterwhite [1] [2] [3] Ira & Edith Wilson [1] [2]
Ira Walter Satterwhite [1] [2] Jack & Julie Satterwhite
James A. & Ida A. Satterwhite [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] James Andrew Satterwhite Jr. & Carnella
James Andrew Satterwhite Sr. [1] [2] James A. Satterwhite & Barbara Satterwhite
James Andrew Satterwhite, Maggie & Janice James C. "J. C." & Martha Cotton & Betty & Harold Keen
James Corbin "J. C." & Martha Sue (Williams) Cotton James Corbin "J.C." Cotton [1] [2]
James & Lucinda (Satterwhite) Beckham James & Rebecca Worley
J. W. Cotton, J. S. Cotton, Carlus Williams & J. A. Satterwhite Jennie & Essie
Jerry Franklin Satterwhite [1] [2] Jerry, Larry & Gary Satterwhite
Jessie Eudora (Dickens) Satterwhite McAfee family Jim & Jennie Cotton & Pauline & Carlus Williams
Jim & Jennie (Satterwhite) Cotton Jimmy Cotton and daughter Betty
John Wesley Satterwhite John Wesley Satterwhite (4 Generations) [1] [2]
John W. & Nancy (Powell) Satterwhite John W., Luvicy & Essie Satterwhite
Juanita Colleen & Billy Jean Satterwhite Julie & Essie Satterwhite
Julie, Pearl & Alena Julie Satterwhite with her guitar
Julie & Billie Satterwhite Karen and Barbara
Karen Suzette and her family Larry & Diane Satterwhite
Linda Ann Satterwhite [1] [2] [3] Luvicy (Satterwhite) & Elmer Wilson
Luvicy Irene (Satterwhite) Wilson Maggie Lee & Jimmy Cotton
Maggie Lee Satterwhite Maggie (Satterwhite) & Jimmy Cotton family
Maggie (Satterwhite), Jimmy & Betty Cotton Michael Curtis Barnhill [1] [2]
Mitchell, Sam & Myrtle Satterwhite Mitchell Satterwhite's family [1] [2]
Mitchell and Pearl Satterwhite Mrs. John Wesley Satterwhite
Myrtle, Bill, Junior, Faber, Bill & Doris Thomas Myrtle (Satterwhite) & Bill Thomas [1] [2]
Myrtle (Satterwhite) & Bill Thomas family Myrtle, James, Ida, Mag & children
Patsy Ann Satterwhite [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] Patsy Ann Satterwhite & Debbie
Patsy Ann Satterwhite & Jaime Pauline (Cotton) & Carlus Williams Family [1] [2]
Pauline (Cotton) & Carlus Williams Pauline Cotton [1] [2] [3]
Pearl, Mitchell & Billie Satterwhite Pearl & Mitchell (Wedding day)
Robert & Lydia (Coursey) Wilson [1] [2] Robert & Lydia (Coursey) Wilson family
Sam & Buncy with daughter Brenda Samuel "Sam" & Mitchell Satterwhite
Samuel & Mae (Wilson) Glenn [1] [2] Satterwhite Family & more
Satterwhite Siblings ~ 1979 Satterwhite, Thomas, Cotton & Williams Guys
Shannon & Freddie Satterwhite [1] [2] Shannon & Stella (Harris) Satterwhite
Stella (Wilson) & Floyd Spear Stella (Wilson) Spear family
Syble Thomas Thomas & Emmaline (Hudson) Harris
Thomas Earl & Patsy Ann Satterwhite Thomas E. Satterwhite & Kathy [1] [2]
Thomas Satterwhite, Debbie & Kathy Walter N. & William Alexander Satterwhite
Wanda, Ed and family Wanda Joy Satterwhite & Ida Mae Walter
Wanda Joy Satterwhite Wanda Lou Satterwhite [1] [2] [3]
William Aaron "Bill" Thomas William Alexander & Lucy Satterwhite
William Alexander Satterwhite Descendants William Louis Spears & William Ervin Satterwhite
Wilma Ervene Satterwhite Woodrow W. & Elsie (Fowler) Satterwhite

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