This page is to honor those in our family who have served in the Miltary.  Some of the pictures have been moved to this page from our family album pages. Because I am so grateful to all our Military, I say Thank you all!  Thanks, too, to all who have shared pictures of our family in uniform!  Enjoy the pictures!

I hope to add more pictures soon. If you have pictures of our family in uniform, and would like to share them, please send them.
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Aaron Chester Cotton Aldrich Crook "Pud" Satterwhite
Allen Bernice Winter Benjamin Franklin Satterwhite
Bennie Newton Hindsman Bernard Ewitt Cotton [1] [2]
Brodie Willibus Carrington [1] [2] Burlie H. Thomas
Carlton Casey Moore Captain Marion Satterwhite
Charles Fladger Peteet Jr. [1] [2] Claudie Joyce Satterwhite Sr.
Dudley Marshall Satterwhite [1] [2] [3] Edwin Ray O'Bryant
Emmett Littlefield Carrington [1] [2] Eugene F. "Gene" Miller [1] [2] [3]
Francis Marion Satterwhite Gary Max Satterwhite
George Newton McElroy Harold Dean Satterwhite [1] [2] [3]
Harrest Daniel Thomas [1] [2] Herman Parker Satterwhite
Jack R. Satterwhite James Andrew "Jack" Satterwhite Jr.
James Buford Satterwhite James Corbin "J. C." Cotton
James Nathaniel Wharton James Obenchain
Jerry Franklin Satterwhite John Calvin Peteet
John G. McBride [1] [2] [3] John L. & Henry W. Satterwhite
Larry Thomas Satterwhite Leon Alfred Carrington
Lowell Marion Gamblin Marshall Satterwhite
M. C. Carrington Newton Brian Belew
Noel L. Thomas Robert Eugene Patty [1] [2]
Travis Frank Satterwhite [1] [2] Virgil Lee O'Bryant
William J. Satterwhite [1] [2] [3] Family History


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