The Satterwhite name is found in various places around the country. Here, you will find a few.
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(Begin Quote) "For many years some kind of worship has been held in the Satterwhite School House from time to time and with varying figures of attendance. Sometimes it would be a sermon, or maybe just Sunday School or a community hymn singing.
On August 23, 1942 a group who felt the need for an organized church met and organized the Satterwhite Missionary Baptist Church. There were 13 Charter members under the leadership of Elder Bill Carnes.

For several years preaching services were held only once or twice each month, but the congregation now has its own building across the road from the school and for the last three years have followed a full program of church work. There are now 84 members meeting with Rev. H. E. Colwell." (End Quote)

Satterwhite Missionary Baptist Church
We don't have a picture of the original church, but this is the way it looked in the year 2000.

Satterwhite School 2000
This is the way the school looked in 2000. It is now a residence. We were hoping to visit with those who now live there, but there was no one home.

We did talk to Estelina, the widow of Clarence Laughton Satterwhite. Clarence is the son of Sarah Ollie and Alonzo David Satterwhite. Estalina passed away in 2012. She told us that Alonzo founded the Satterwhite School.
This little community is nestled south of Elmore City, Garvin County, Oklahoma. We have been told that there was once a sign that read "Satterwhite Community", but we did not find it. Thanks to Alex J. Satterwhite, we now have a picture of the Satterwhite Road sign.
Satterwhite Road


Satterwhite Lane
Jim Satterwhite is standing on Satterwhite Lane. He is a distant cousin and has been a contributor to the success of this Web site. Satterwhite Lane is located in Caroline County, Virginia. Jim states:  "There are several Satterwhite's living on this street and one of the Satterwhite family cemeteries is in a field at the end of the street.

Satterwhite-Buchanan Cemetery is located off Cedar Fork Road (route 601) onto Satterwhite Lane (route 697). Go to the end of the land and into the field approximately 260 yards to an overgrown area approximately 10 x 16 yards in the middle of the field. A large cedar tree has fallen in the center and the cemetery is overgrown in periwinkle and privet hedge."
Several Web sites mention the Satterwhite Point Road. It leads to a Family resort located on Kerr State Lake in Henderson, Vance County, North Carolina. One Web site mentions that on the Satterwhite Point road there is a little known cemetery with graves marked only by granite rocks.

I don't know if this road was named after our Satterwhite ancestors, but since some of our family did migrate to North Carolina, my guess is that it was.

Satterwhite Point


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