Please click on the links above to search. If you find in the history where I state that I have a picture of a grave marker or an obituary, it is probably on the site. You may click on the Cemeteries link at the top of the page. It will take you to the Cemetery Index Page where you can click on the name of the cemetery you want to find, and the link will take you there.

If I say that I have a copy of a marriage license or a death certificate, it may not be on the Web site. I have so many, and I will never be able to put them all on the site. I will be happy to email them to you. If I mention that I have an article about something, you may find it on the Scrapbook Page.

I hope you find my Web site useful. I am always doing research, so this page will have updates periodically. If you don't find what you are looking for, check back often.

I did not do the research on our very earliest ancestors. The information on them was shared by other researchers. There is a conflict on names and dates with some of my sources on the very early ancestors. Because of this, I have removed links from some of the names. The names remain in the history, but aren't linked to those in question. When, and if, I can confirm what I do have, I will post the confirmation along with the source.

I have added a few names to the earlier families. My source for doing so was the censuses. I have other censuses with Satterwhite names, and I am confident they are our family, but as yet I have no sure way of knowing to whom they are linked.

You will not find information about the living in my family history on this Web site. You are welcome to take any information from the site for your personal use.

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