Our nearest common ancestors are the children of David and Rebecca Satterwhite.  This page is dedicated to our wonderful Satterwhite cousins who descend from John and Emmaline (Morris) Satterwhite.  John is the son of David and Rebecca Satterwhite.  You will find albums for the descendants of some of the other children in the Album Index.  Also visit the Military  page to see our family who served in the military.

Thanks to all of you who have so generously shared with us your wonderful family pictures.  Some of the pictures are large, so scroll down to see all the information and the name of the person who shared the picture with us.

If you have anything you wish to share with us, please email.  I am very grateful for everything.  Thanks to all of you who contributed to the success of this Web site!

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Alex Satterwhite [1] [2] Alex-Five Generations [1] [2] [3]
Alex-Four Generations Alex & Joe Satterwhite
Archie L. & Edmund G. Satterwhite & Lewis J. Baggett Beulah Jane (Berry) Satterwhite Family
Beulah, Thorburn, Lillie & Herbert Satterwhite Bill, Caroline, Frank & Travis Satterwhite
Caddo Home Place Captain Jinks Satterwhite & others
Carey Family Charm W. (Satterwhite) Dobbs & Caroline (Glenn) Satterwhite
Charm Wanda Satterwhite [1] [2] [3] Claudie T. & Ruby Satterwhite
Cordelia, Janice & Raymond Satterwhite Dudley & Eva (Satterwhite) Clark
Earl & Georgia Satterwhite family Edmund Gene & Eddie A. Satterwhite
Edmund Gene & Joann Satterwhite Edmund Gene Satterwhite
Edmund Graves "Eddie" Satterwhite Edmund M. & Eliza Satterwhite family [1] [2]
Edmund Mitchell Satterwhite Eliza (Sansom) Satterwhite
Francis Marion "Big Frank" Satterwhite George Cecil Langford & Eddie Graves Satterwhite
George Hallmark Henry Alexander Satterwhite Family
Herbert & Alex Satterwhite Herbert L., Betty & Beulah Satterwhite & more
James Monroe "Major" Langford Joann Satterwhite & Ricky Dill
John Thomas Satterwhite Judson & Kate Satterwhite family
Lela (Satterwhite) Hart Lillie (Satterwhite) & Jesse Langford
Lillie Satterwhite & brothers Lillie (Satterwhite) Langford
Manning & Eddie Graves Satterwhite Marilyn, Alex & Sally
Marion G. (Satterwhite) & George L. Harrison Minnie & David Starnes
Mildred Annette Satterwhite Mildred (Reiser) Satterwhite & grandchildren
Mildred, Mary, William & Annette Satterwhite Mollie (Langford) Satterwhite & Vonette
Ned Edmund Satterwhite [1] [2] Ronnie, Raymond & Monty Satterwhite
Satterwhite & Langford Families Satterwhite Gathering ~ 1923
Satterwhite Group ~ 1908 Satterwhite Siblings [1] [2]
Stella V. (Sparks) Satterwhite Thomas Lewis & Caroline (Dudley) Glenn Family
Thorburn & Beulah Satterwhite [1] [2] [3] Thorburn, Newell & Beulah Satterwhite
Thorburn Satterwhite [1] [2] [3] Travis Frank & Alice (Steshetz) Satterwhite
Verona Belfa Satterwhite Verona, Cecil, Alex & Herbert Satterwhite
William H. "Billy" & Jennie (Smith) Satterwhite William Lewis "Bill" Satterwhite
William Manning Satterwhite William Manning & Mary Satterwhite
William Manning & Mildred Satterwhite Family [1] [2] More Family Albums

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