Standing: Lona Benena (Carrington) Peteet & Charles Fladger Peteet Jr.
Sitting: John Dooley Emmett Carrington holding Donna & D'Ann Peteet

Date: Circa 1940

Lona was born 3 November 1893, and died 4 April 1982.
The daughter of Lucrecia J. "Lula" (Satterwhite) & John Dooley Emmett Carrington.

Charles was born 3 January 1918, and died 26 October 1980.
The son of Lona Benena (Carrington) & Charles Fladger Peteet Sr.

John was born 13 October 1866, and died 17 January 1944.
The son of Frances D. & John M. D. Carrington.

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