Our nearest common ancestors are the children of David and Rebecca Satterwhite.  This page is dedicated to our wonderful Satterwhite cousins who descend from James and Elizabeth (Manning) Satterwhite.  James is the son of David and Rebecca Satterwhite.

You will find albums for the descendants of some of the other children in the Album Index.  Also visit the Military  page to see our family who served in the military. We have pictures of people we have not been able to identify. Please visit the  Who Are They? page.  Maybe you will recognize someone.

Thanks to all of you who have so generously shared with us your wonderful family pictures.  Some of the pictures are large, so scroll down to see all the information and the name of the person who shared the picture with us.

If you have anything you wish to share with us, please email.  I am very grateful for everything.  Thanks to all of you who contributed to the success of this Web site!

If you know the name for whom you are looking you can use the "Edit" "Find" on your tool bar.  The names are in alphabetical order by given name.

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Aleva Gertrude Neal Alonzo David Satterwhite
Alonzo David & Sarah Ollie (Teel) Satterwhite & more Alonzo David, Sarah Ollie (Teel) & Oma Satterwhite
Alonzo, Melvin, Walter, Mary & Lula Satterwhite Amanda (Stringer) Satterwhite, Lula & Mamie Floy
Anna Laurie Satterwhite Anna M. "Anna" (Lewis) & Geraldine M. Gamblin
Antoinette "Lula" (Satterwhite) Kennedy [1] [2] Antoinette "Lula" & James P. Kennedy
Bennie B. Satterwhite & Eva (Satterwhite) Clark Bennie B. & Lela (Robinett) Satterwhite
Bennie B. & Lucille (Brookman) Satterwhite Bertha M. (Evans) Satterwhite Jennings
Billy Dean James [1] [2] Birdie Sue Satterwhite
Briley & Brice Ruthart Brodie Willibus Carrington [1] [2]
Cecil Wilson Family Cephus Clemin Satterwhite Singing Group
Charles F. Peteet Sr. & Charles Peteet Jr. Charles Fladger Peteet Jr. [1] [2]
Charles F. Peteet Jr. & John Calvin Peteet Chris, Crystal & Cary
Christopher Columbus Satterwhite Christopher Columbus & Fannie (McAdoo) Satterwhite
Collins & Wilda Satterwhite Cynthia Ruth Satterwhite
Darren Hasley Dorothy (Hodge) Taylor [1] [2]
Dovie (Trotter) Satterwhite Collins Dustin Hasley
Dustin, Hattie & Darren Edward W. & Lela Satterwhite Family
Edwyna Katherine (Roberts) Hindsman Emma (Satterwhite) Craver & family
Emma, Verdia, Lydia & Mary Satterwhite Emmett Littlefield Carringon [1] [2] [3] [4]
Esther Arnold George David Satterwhite
George Levingston "Levi" Satterwhite Geraldine Marion Gamblin [1] [2]
Geraldine M. (Gamblin) & John G. McBride Geraldine M. Gamblin & Lowell M. Gamblin [1] [2]
Greta, Billy D. James & Carla Guy Joseph, John Lawton, & Hobson Dewey Thomas
Hiram J. & Ruth A. E. (Satterwhite) Smith Hulon Morgan Mauldin
Iris Leona Kennedy Iris Leona (Kennedy) & James Leslie Pitt
Iris Leona Kennedy & Mamie Floy Kennedy Iris Olive (Ivy) Owen
Iris Olive (Ivy), John Owen & Roda Sue (Neal) Owen J. Davis Satterwhite
James David Hodge James Marion "Jim" Gamblin [1] [2] [3]
James Marion "Jim" Gamblin (4 Generations) James M. "Jim" Gamblin & John Lawton Thomas
James Marion & Robert Lee Gamblin James Marion Gamblin Home
James M. Gamblin, Mollie, Amanda & Joseph Satterwhite James Price Kennedy Home
Jewell Gertrude Thomas John Calvin, Donna & D'Ann Peteet
John Calvin Peteet [1] [2] John D. E. Carrington & Nannie Satterwhite
John Dooley Emmett Carrington [1] [2] John Dooley E. & Lula Carrington
John Dooley E. & Lula Carrington Family John Dooley E. Carrington Family
John Dooley Emmett Carrington - 4 Generations John Dooley Emmett Carrington & More
John Henry Clay Satterwhite John Hulet Satterwhite
John Lawton & Guy Joseph Thomas Joseph Thomas & Amanda (Stringer) Satterwhite [1] [2]
Katie E. Jones Lena E. Satterwhite & Fleddy Scarbrough
Lena Eveline (Colwell) Satterwhite [1] [2] Leon Alfred Carrington
Lillian Etta (Thomas) & Adrian Hayles Lillian Etta (Thomas) & Charles Mauldin
Lillian Etta Thomas & Ethel Mae Thomas [1] [2] Lona Benena Carrington [1] [2 [3]
Lona B. & Emmett L. Carrington Lona B. (Carrington) & Charles Peteet [1] [2]
Lona B. (Carrington), Charles Jr. & Charles Peteet Lona B. (Carrington), Charles Peteet & Grandkids
Lona B., Donna, D'Ann Peteet & Vivianne Hodge Lona Martha & Juanita Frances Carrington
Lowell M. & Anna May "Annie" Gamblin Lowell Marion Gamblin
Lowell Marion Gamblin Family Lowell Marion Gamblin & Hulon Mauldin
Lucrecia J. "Lula" (Satterwhite) Carrington Ludie C. & Lona B. Carrington
Ludie (Carrington) & William David Hodge Ludie Celette Carrington [1] [2] [3]
Ludie (Carrington), Vivianne & Dorothy Hodge [1] [2] M. C. Carrington [1] [2] [3]
M. C. & Ludie Celette Carrington M. C. & Pearl Carrington
Magdalene "Maggie (Satterwhite) & George Britton Ancell Jr. Marcus C. Satterwhite & Nannie (Satterwhite) Mathis
Marcus Holmes, Ben, Roma & Veola Hindsman Maribeth, Laura & Janis Turner
Maribeth, Vivianne & Laura Turner Marshall & Brittany
Marshall Edward Wilson Mary Ann Elizabeth Satterwhite [1] [2]
Mary Ann (Satterwhite) Stockham & family Mary E. (Satterwhite) Gamblin Thomas
Mary Eugenia (Satterwhite) & Abe Thomas Family [1] [2] Mary (Satterwhite) Gamblin Thomas Family [1] [2]
Mattie (Satterwhite) Jones & Antoinette (Satterwhite) Kennedy Myrtle Oda & Oma H. Satterwhite
Nannie L. (Satterwhite) Mathis Robertson D. Satterwhite
Robertson D. Satterwhite's family [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] Ronda, Crystal & Clyde
Sarah (Teel) Satterwhite & Gertrude Teel Sherd Neal Family
Velma (Satterwhite) & Alvin Button James Verdia Satterwhite
Vivianne & Dorothy (Hodge) families Vivianne Elaine & Dorothy Hodge [1] [2]
Vivianne Elaine Hodge [1] [2] Walter Booth Satterwhite
Wanda (Satterwhite) Bynum Wanda (Satterwhite) Bynum & Kate Anderson
William David Hodge William Horace & Pickey Satterwhite Family
William, Mary & Adolphus Satterwhite William Stanley Taylor
William W. Satterwhite Album Index

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