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My Winter family has been very hard to trace. It seems they missed more than one census over the years. I have added some data for which I haven't yet found confirmation. I feel this is my family, so I have added it to my history. If I am in error, or if I am correct, please email and let me know. I am researching daily and will log updates as I have them.

My history on the Walters is very incomplete. Because of that, and the fact that our Winter and Walter families are tied in more ways than one, I have chosen to leave them together. Therefore this part of my history is called "Winter & Walter Family History".

You will see that some of our Walter and Winter family members have added an 's' to their surname. Since I have been a 'Winter' all my life, at least until I married, and to make my job easier, I hoped to keep both names as I knew them to be. However, that was not possible. Hopefully, that will not make difficult, you finding the information on your family.

You will not find information about the living in the family history on this Web site. You are welcome to take any information from the site for your personal records. Please do not put what you find here on a CD, or in other format to sell. Do not take anything from this site and place it on or Find-a-Grave. My research was done with love and I share it with the same feeling.

If you have information on the Winter or Walter family, or have something to share with us, pleaseemail