L to R:   Julie (Satterwhite) Winter, Eugene S. "Gene" Mannes, Mary Freda (Oliver) Winter,
Charles H. "Dock" Shaw & Tressie (Cardin) Winter.

Julie was born 22 November 1917, and died 21 March 2011.
Daughter of Ida Ann (Spears) & James Andrew Satterwhite, & wife of Hardy Eugene Winter.

Gene was born 1908, and died Unknown; the husband of Lily Gertrue (Winter).

Freda was born 30 October 1915, and died 30 march 2009.
Daughter of Rhoda (Norwood) & William Oliver, & the wife of Harley Otis Winter.

Dock was born 30 January 1916, and died 9 August 1965.
Son of Carrie (Johnson) & Lawrence A. "Lon" Shaw, & husband of Luda (Winter) Shaw.

Tressie was born 13 July 1918, and died 12 April 2004.
Daughter of Effie Dee (Martin) & George Washington Cardin, & wife of Leo Winter.

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