April 11, 2016 ~ 2 Obituaries

On this page you will find Texas Cemeteries in Stephens County, Eastland County, Brewster County, Garza County, Shackleford County and Taylor County. They are Albany, Breckenridge, Caddo, Dewey, Eastland, Elm Grove, Macedonia, McBee, Mount Zion (formerly called Veale), Necessity, Rogers, Terrace & more.   Please visit the Wichita County  and the Wilbarger County pages for those buried in cemeteries there.  Be sure to visit the Cemetery Index page to see other cemeteries where our ancestors are buried.

We have obituaries for some of our family who are buried in cemeteries we have not yet visited. If we have a picture of the marker as well as the obituary, the obituary is linked from the marker. 

The pictures are in alphabetical order by given name. If you know the name for whom you are looking, you can use the "Edit" "Find" on your tool bar. The name of the cemetery is on the picture.

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Alexander Earl & Georgia (Langford) Satterwhite Alma G. (Arendt) Maxwell (obit)
Anna Florene (Lloyd) Satterwhite (obit) Archie & Hellen (Thompson) Satterwhite
Archie Hill Satterwhite Archie Lee Satterwhite (obit)
Archie Loy Satterwhite Archie Ray & Maxine (Flow) Langford
Artie F. Satterwhite Benjamin F. Cox
Benjamin Franklin Satterwhite Bennie (Satterwhite) & James Bryant
Bernie Joyce (Lawless) Zimmerlee Billy Gene Satterwhite (obit)
Cecil Maurine (Satterwhite) Coker (obit) Chester F. Satterwhite
Clara Ethel (Satterwhite) Lawless (obit) Clara May (Chaudoin) Eckman (obit)
Corrye Mae (Satterwhite) Blackburn (obit) Dan Woods Moore
David Lynn Barbee (obit) Dorcy (Blackburn) Thombs (obit)
Doris Satterwhite Earl Alexander & Gertrude (Lee) Flournoy
Edith Hughlet (Hallmark) Morrison (obit) Edmond Cecil Langford (obit)
Edmund & Eliza (Sansom) Satterwhite Edmund G. & Mollie (Langford) Satterwhite
Edwin Collen Satterwhite Ella Lillian (Norris) Zimmerle (obit)
Ellie Vinson Satterwhite Elmer Carson Satterwhite (obit)
Elva Mae (Satterwhite) Barbee (obit) Esthloy (Satterwhite) & Chester Dickson
Eugene Max Satterwhite Fannie Clay (Moore) Satterwhite
Faye Fambrough Georgia Gertrude Satterwhite
Gerald Kent Satterwhite (obit) Henry & Manila (Hallmark) Satterwhite
Henry Arthur Satterwhite Henry Clay Satterwhite (obit)
Henry Oscar Satterwhite Henry Thomas Flournoy
Henry Wayne Moore Satterwhite H. Wharey Moore
Ila Bernice (Satterwhite) Carter (obit) Jackson William Satterwhite (obit)
James Allen Bryant (obit) James Franklin Moorman (obit)
James Martin Satterwhite James M. & Lula (Langford) Fambrough
James May Wilkinson (obit) James Price Kennedy
Jesse G. Fambrough Jewell Willie (Satterwhite) Cravy (obit)
John E. & Lena (Downing) Fambrough John Lloyd & Jean (Rone) Satterwhite
Jo Lee (Yarbrough) & John E. Langford Judith Kay (Barbee) Morris Johnson (obit)
Judson & Catherine (Langford) Satterwhite Laura Adell (Taylor) Vosatko (obit)
Lena Ardelle (Langford) Prichard Leona (Kinder) Satterwhite (obit)
Lillie Murlee (Satterwhite) & Carlton Casey Moore Lillie (McGowan) Satterwhite
Lina (Gray) Satterwhite Lloyd Alexander Satterwhite
Lola Mable Langford Louise Lola (Campbell) Satterwhite (obit)
Luna (Satterwhite) & James Langford Martha Jane (Hearn) Satterwhite (obit)
Martha (Johnson) Satterwhite Martha M. (Fambrough) & Travis A. Flournoy
Mary Elizabeth (Fambrough) Maxwell (obit) Mary Elizabeth (Rye) Moorman (obit)
Ned Edmund Satterwhite Ola Dove (Mayfield) Satterwhite
Olin Welborn Sosebee Olita Lucille Satterwhite
Opal E. (Satterwhite) & James D. Cox Ora Sue (Derrick) Satterwhite Tubbs (obit)
Orval Clarence Satterwhite Oscar Zimmerle (obit)
Otha Mildred Langford Raiford Eugene Langford
Roberta (Satterwhite) Stuard Robert Clarence & Della Ann (Kinney) Satterwhite
Rodney Brian Roberson (obit) Royce Edward Satterwhite (obit)
Sophronia Roberta (Callaway) Sosebee Thomas Clay Satterwhite (obit)
Troy E. & Hazel (Condron) Satterwhite Truly Harvil Carter (obit)
Vada L. (Satterwhite) McCampbell (obit) Viola (Galloway) Moore Satterwhite
Walter Watson Satterwhite (obit) Wayne O. Satterwhite (obit)
Willie Stella (Dawson) Barbee (obit) William Edward Satterwhite (obit)
William Manning Satterwhite Winona (Satterwhite) Dill-Bailey (obit)
Zelma (Knight) Satterwhite & Flint McCullough Cemetery Index

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