Alex Haley & Robert Eugene "Gene" Patty

Robert Eugene "Gene" was born 07 Nov 1920, & died 15 March 2006.
Son of Maggie Ola (Winter) and Andrew Madison Patty.

This picture, as well as the following story, were shared by Bob Patty.

(QUOTE) The picture was taken in the 1990's when the author of "Roots", Alex Haley, came to Abilene to speak at one of our local
universities. There was an article in the local paper that he was coming to town and Dad got in touch with the university asking if there was any
way possible that he could say hello to Alex. Dad and Alex had served together in the Coast Guard and knew each other well. They had
lost contact with each other over the years and Dad wanted to say hello to him. Well, the university wasn't too thrilled with the idea,
but they agreed to at least ask Alex. In the car ride from the airport to the university, one of the school officials sheepishly told Alex
about a local man, who claimed to know him and would like to be able to shake his hand sometime. Alex asked him who it was and he replied
"Gene Patty". Alex responded, "Yes, By All Means!". Alex told Dad later that the guy was pretty surprised. So the guy called up Dad and
told him that Alex agreed to meet him and we all went to a local BBQ place, ate and had a good visit. I believe that was the happiest I had
seen my Dad in a long time. He just had a ball. Alex also remembered my mother Mattie Nell. He called her "Nelly Gal", and did again after
all those years. Mother tells a story about visiting Alex at his Greenwich Village basement apartment in New York City. Upon entering his
apartment, mother commented about his taste in decorating. (referring to the hanging plants suspended from the ceiling), Alex said, "well Nelly
Gal, I need to because that's where the pipes leak!!" (END QUOTE)

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