Our nearest common ancestors are the children of David and Rebecca Satterwhite.  On this page, you will find Satterwhite cousins who descend from four of their children,  Amy Anna (Satterwhite) & John Hallmark, Susan (Bartee) & Edward Satterwhite, Rebecca (Manning) & Elijah Satterwhite and Mourning (Satterwhite) & Matthew Tanner Caldwell.  Amy, Edward, Elijah and Mourning are the children of David and Rebecca Satterwhite.  Also on this page, you will find descendants of Frances (Childs) & James I. Satterwhite, and Ursula (Satterwhite) & Francis Wilkerson.   James and Ursula are the siblings of David Satterwhite, and they are the children of Amy (Mitchell) & Michael Satterwhite.

You will notice that one line of the O'Briant family changed the spelling of the surname to O'Bryant. They are still our cousins.

Further down the page, you will find pictures of Satterwhite family, who we have not yet linked to us. Since they migrated from the same locations, I feel we are related.

You will find individual albums for the descendants of some of the other children of David and Rebecca in the  Album Index.  Also visit the  Military  page to see our family who served in the military.

The pictures are in alphabetical order by given name.  If you know the name for which you are looking, you may use the "Edit" "Find" on your tool bar.

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Ann, Bill & Virginia Ann, Dorothy & Virginia Anna (Roebuck) O'Bryant
Anna, Dorothy & Virginia O'Bryant Anna & Vernon O'Bryant Clara Mae & Vernon Thrasher
Clara Thrasher & Melody Dennis Woodson O'Briant Dorothy Louise O'Bryant [1] [2]
Dorothy, Virginia & Louise Edwin Ray & Marilyn O'Bryant Edwin Ray, Nina & Virgil O'Bryant
Edwin Ray O'Bryant & More Estelle Gladys (O'Briant) Bailey Fleming & Rebecca (Satterwhite) Parker
James, Linda & Catherine Jesse & Sarah Hallmark Joseph P. & Delilah Wilson
Joseph Weldon Satterwhite Julia Frances (Satterwhite) Dean Kay & Bill O'Bryant [1] [2]
Kenneth Green O'Briant Jr. Louise (Blair) & Dorothy O'Bryant Louise O'Bryant, Virginia & Bill
Nina O'Bryant Robert H. O'Briant family O'Briant Family
Syble, Cleo W. Jr. & Belle Mack, Hiram & Mattie Pinson Mattie (Gattis) Pinson
Vernon, Anna & Virgil O'Briant Vernon Dallas O'Briant Vernon Dallas O'Briant & family
Virgil Lee & Edwin Ray O'Bryant Virgil Lee O'Bryant Virginia Wright
Virginia Ray "Ginny" O'Bryant William P. & Matilda (Grooms) Collins More Family Albums

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