On this page you will find pictures of the descendants of Lena Peoples (Woodard) & William Barnes Colwell. We are not related, by blood, to ALL the Colwell family you will find in our history, but we do have a strong tie to this family. This family is related to me, through the Satterwhite, Scarbrough and Hollis families.

This page was made possible by the generosity of Dolores Willis and John Colwell. Thank you both for sharing your pictures with us! Be sure to vist our Family Albums Index page. You may find pictures of others related to this family.

Enjoy your visit here! If you have anything you wish to share with us, please email.  I am very grateful for everything.  Thanks to all of you who contributed to the success of this Web site!

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Dollie Idonia (Jones) Colwell [1] [2] Dollie Idonia (Jones) Colwell & family [1] [2]
Lena E. Satterwhite & Fleddy Scarbrough Lena Eveline (Colwell) Satterwhite [1] [2]
Lena Peoples (Woodard) Colwell Thomas Cleopas, Tyva (Whatley) Colwell & grandchildren
Thomas G., Wm. Barnes & Quintus W. Colwell Quintus Wilford & Francis (Miller) Colwell Family
William Barnes Colwell William Barnes Colwell (2004)
William Harland & Dollie (Jones) Colwell William Harland Colwell [1] [2]
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